• Former Head of the Center Professor Jun Otani
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  • X-Earth center plays a role towards a hub of worldwide research community of x-ray CT technology for researchers and students globally in reach.
  • Head of the X-EARTH Center Jun Otani
    Graduate school of Science and Technology / Professor
  • Over the past decades X-rays Computed Tomography (CT) scanner is one of a devise for non-destructive test and a device to elucidate three-dimensionally in the object inside. It has been widely used including medical science, and developed for the purpose of the visualization of the phenomenon in science and technology studies. Nowadays, X-ray CT users enable it until the quantitative evaluation now by applying a various kinds of image analysis technology. In 2003, our group of geotechnical and rock engineering kicked off the international workshop GeoX 2003 here in Kumamoto, Japan. Since then, the series of GeoX workshops have been continued so far, for instance, GeoX 2006 in France, GeoX 2010 in USA. Then, the 1st International Conference on Tomography of Materials and Structures (ICTMS) was held in Belgium on July in 2013.
  • Likewise, the research activities applying X-ray CT in the engineering and science fields has been in a diverse manner.
    Meanwhile, X-Earth Center, established in 2008 at Kumamoto University, has continued to develop the original research methods to determine properties of engineering materials like soils, rocks and concretes after applying mechanical / hydraulic force. Nowadays Archaeology, Paleontology and Biological Science have been involved in our research activities as new fields. Besides, X-Earth Center has geared up for not only research but also education to cultivate human resources for the development of 21st century.
  • X-Earth Center possesses X-ray CT scanner that holds two types of functions; such as Industrial use and μ-focus use in the engineering field and it is rarely worldwide at this base. Also, by sharing the medical X-ray CT scanner which is owned by the Department of Life Science in Kumamoto University, it made possible to evaluate the behavior with micro scale and macro scale; hence, new collaboration between engineering and medical science will form a new research base in Kumamoto University. Using the quantitative image processing technique to the phenomenon that we have introduced a technique to visualize a mass transfer phenomenon of the porous body which is the result of the past base formation study in particular here, and to analyze and a detailed image analysis technology by the three dimensions DIC (digital image correlation) into, we suggest the basis of the medicine mechanic cooperation, elucidation of the condition of a patient mechanism of heart and the bone of the human body and a new artificial bone.
    X-Earth center also promotes international collaborative investigation to develop the current global network more by inviting and dispatch young researchers including graduate students positively. As one of regular activity by X-Earth Center, International Workshop on X-ray CT Visualization for Socio-Cultural, Engineering, and Environmental Material (IWX) has been held annually since 2010.
    Development of X-Earth network has given us significant benefits to open the way of our research activities and to conduct international internship programs for graduate students. We also expect that our workshops will allow all participants to share their knowledge and experiences for one’s research and once again, we hope that many of the participants will join X-Earth community continuously.
  • June, 2015
  • Professor Jun Otani
Our Goal

To reach our goal, we are engaged in a series of strategies below:

1. Operating X-Earth center as an international hub and flourishing worldwide network.

2. Presenting seminars of forefront researches by members including graduates regularly.

3. Holding international workshops (IWX) annually

4. Developing an international education program (IEP) such as taught by English for young researchers and graduate students.

5. Offering collaborative research platform publicly for domestic and overseas researchers.

6. Inviting globally known researchers to provide lectures for students by English (cooperative program whit the program for promoting the enhancement of research universities by the Min. of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).  

7. Hosting an international symposium in every three years.

8. Proposing X-Earth Center as a common-use property in the university.

Adding to the above, recently we started new collaboration with medical science to form a new research base here in Kumamoto University. Our goal is to bring enormous passion and creation that provides high quality of education in not only soil and rock engineering but also in other engineering or medical fields to graduate and postgraduate students seeking challenging careers.

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