About us


To reach our goal, we are engaged in a series of strategies below:

  1. Operating X-Earth center as an international hub and flourishing worldwide network.
  2. Presenting seminars of forefront researches by members including graduates regularly.
  3. Holding international workshops (IWX) annually
  4. Developing an international education program (IEP) such as taught by English for young researchers and graduate students.
  5. Offering collaborative research platform publicly for domestic and overseas researchers.
  6. Inviting globally known researchers to provide lectures for students by English (cooperative program whit the program for promoting the enhancement of research universities by the Min. of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).
  7. Hosting an international symposium in every three years.
  8. Proposing X-Earth Center as a common-use property in the university.

Adding to the above, recently we started new collaboration with medical science to form a new research base here in Kumamoto University.
Our goal is to bring enormous passion and creation that provides high quality of education in not only soil and rock engineering but also in other engineering or medical fields to graduate and postgraduate students seeking challenging careers.