Nikon XT H320

This system has just been installed in March 2021 and has not been in operation yet. The features of this system are that the voltage of the X-ray generator can be raised up to 320kV, and the loading weight of the sample table can be up to 100kg. The spatial resolution is almost the same as that of the existing micro-CT scanner, but now that the above conditions are in place, various experiments can be performed in the micro-CT room, which has been difficult in the past.

  • Nikon XT H320
  • Nikon XT H320
Type Open Tube Microfocus
Max. Energy 225kV / 320 kV
Max. Power 225W / 320 W
Min. Focal Spot Range 3 μm for 225 W – 30 μm for 320W
Max. CT swept Diameter 300 mm (Table size: φ300 mm – φ600 mm)
Max. Sample weight 100 kg
Detector (Flat panel) Max. Pixel Matrix: 2048 x 2048, Min. Pixel Size: 200 μm, Max. Frame Rate: 30 fps
Cabinet (length x width x height) 2695 mm x 1828 mm x 2249 mm