μ-Focused X-ray CT scanner

μ-Focused X-ray CT scannerTOSCANER – 32300FPD
μ-Focused X-ray CT scanner TOSCANER - 32300FPD

In 2010, X-Earth Center poseessed micro-focused X-ray CT scanner (TOSCANNER 32300 FPD). This scanner has greater resolution than the industrial X-ray CT scanner (see Spec in below) Hence, it is avilable to visualize material structure in micro scale. Besides, this scanner apply corn shape of x-ray beam and posseess a flat panel detectors (1024 x 1024); and hence,3D image can be given in one scan process and analyzed by using several type of software.

System components
Radiographic Field of Vision 400mm / height :500mm
Number of display pixels 1024 x 1024
Resolution 4μm minimum
Scanning Time Normal / Offset / Half
X-ray beam thickness 0.2mm / 0.4mm / 0.6mm / 1.0mm / 2.0mm
Power of X-ray 240kV (140W) maximum
Maximam sample weight 245N
Flat Panel Detectors Effective pixel numbe :2000 x 2000 / Range of Vision :400mm x 400mm