This system has just been installed in March 2021 and has not been in operation yet. The features of this system are that the voltage of the X-ray generator can be increased up to 160kV and the loading weight of the specimen table can be up to 25kg. The spatial resolution is 500 nm for a specimen of 2 mm in diameter. In addition, a loading device unique to this system can be mounted, allowing material tests to be performed with loads up to 4400N. For more information about the features of this equipment, please visit the following website.

  • SkyScan2214
  • SkyScan2214


Type Open type with diamond window
Max. Energy 110 kV when CCD is used as a detector
Max. Power 10 W
Min. Focal Spot Range < 500 nm for LaB6 cathode, < 800 nm for tungsten cathode
Max. CT swept Diameter φ22mm (φ44mm for offset scanning)
Max. Sample weight 25 kg
Detector (CCD2) Max. Pixel Matrix: 4008 x 2672 (10.7 M), Min. Pixel Size: 60 nm
Cabinet (Max Object size) 300 mm in diameter (140 mm scanning size), 400 mm in length